What is TempMon?

TempMon is a Temperature Monitoring system meant to free up the human task of reading the temperature over and over again. The System is doing the reading , the system is making a decision based on how you configured it to send or not to send a notification.
TempMon strives to be operational and for that reason it will check and double check and triple check all the functions it is meant to do while it is doing them. It can detect missing sensors, low battery, no internet connection and power failure by itself. It is doing this while it also checks and records temperatures at configurable time intervals.
The Dashboard is excellently crafted to bring out the most useful information and reports from the data the system collects.




Key Features

Prevent Unnecessary Spoilage

Receive real time alerts via SMS text, e-mail or web interface when merchandise in your store is in danger to be spoiled.

Save Time and Resources

Hourly automated temperature measurements are taken for every refrigerated display case or freezer for you. No more manual checking! No more Human errors.

Easy to Set Up and Use

TempMon remote monitoring systems can be set up in minutes, and our intuitive UI makes managing your system easy.

Low Power

TempMon wireless sensors feature industry leading power management, allowing sensors to last for up to 5 years before the batteries need to be replaced.

Instant Support

Call, e-mail, or simply think about us. Our “Jedi” customer support engineers are training to feel all the disturbances in the system(…”Force”). We will see a problem before you even know there is a problem! But in the highly unlikely event that you beat us to a request…we are more than happy to listen, document and implement no matter how wild the idea is.


We are nothing without you, the Customer! Yes, we know it! Our sales representatives and our support engineers have an unnatural ability to listen and understand you. Beside this super-ability we also have a tremendous capability to speak about our expertise (temperature monitoring) in a language that you will understand.

The Problem

Keeping up an optimal temperature in coolers and freezers allows you to offer your customers fresh food. If the temperature raises above or falls beneath the optimal value food spoilage may happen. Spoiled products loss or non-compliance to regulations leads to additional expenses and possible reputation damage.Relying on manual measurements done by staff is pretty ineffective because of inherent human errors and the lack of monitoring during the time the store is closed.

The Solution

TempMon is an automated temperature monitoring system that continuously measures the temperature inside refrigerated display cases or freezers and checks that value against previously set limits. If the temperature falls outside of the set range, the system will send alerts as SMS texts, e-mails and web interface notifications according to your configuration.

The system can be configured to notify higher ranked people in your organization or a maintenance company of your choice if alarms remain active after a set time (4 hours default time).


Wireless and accurate temperature sensors with long battery life, easy installation hardware and state-of-the-art online monitoring and alerting system makes TempMon the best choice for every food store.


  • Eliminate loss of products due to spoilage. Get notified in real time when the refrigerator temperature goes out of set range.
  • Helps you remain a reputable food seller in the eyes of your customers by helping you offer fresh products at all times.
  • Monitors refrigerator quality. Our state-of-the-art online platform will track problems with refrigerators before the equipment failure happens.
  • Save resources. Automate your temperature monitoring process and eliminate the manual checks.
  • Fit regulatory compliance. Get all information from digital refrigerator thermometers in easy to use online reports.


TempMon consists of three components: Temperature sensors (RadioTemp), GPRS Gateway (CloudTemp) and online Dashboard.

Sensors measure the temperature every 2 minutes and send them to a GPRS Gateway, which transmits the information to the online dashboard via GPRS. One gateway can receive data from up to 255 sensors installed in the same store.

The sensors are installed inside coolers or freezers using double sided adhesive tape. The Gateway needs to be mounted near a wall socket for its power supply. The whole process of installing 10 sensors, one gateway in a single store and doing all the needed configuring takes less than 30 minutes.

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Of course there are questions! Some of them even qualify for “frequently” asked questions. Here are a few of them…

The Maximum number of Sensors one Gateway can handle is 25 in Standard Version and 255 in Extended Versions.

The maximum distance between a Sensor and a Gateway is “infinite”.

The maximum distance you can place a Sensor from a Gateway and still be able to function correctly depends on the type of Antenna is mounted on the Sensor. We currently have 2 types (short range: 10m) and long range (70m).

We do not know the exact number! But can Guess…
We estimate the traffic on the SIM card will be about 40MB/Month

The Standard Version only allows 1 Gateway and up to 25 Sensors.

On the Extended Version….Yes we can customize the System to operate with multiple Sensors and Multiple Gateways (even in close proximity of each other, they will act as separate networks)




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